E85 Conversion and Tuning Info

February 19, 2024
E85 Conversion and Tuning Info
The popularity of using ethanol-based E85 flex fuel is growing steadily as more people get excited about reducing fuel costs, increasing engine life, and making more horsepower. But not every car, truck, or SUV is E85-ready from the factory. This means finding E85 conversion and tuning information for your vehicle. This can be a bit daunting.


If you visit www.advancedfueldynamics.com you will find a wide range of plug-and-play and light-tuning flex fuel systems with lots of E85 conversion and tuning information on the vehicles we serve. E85 requires a higher volume of fuel be injected per cycle than gasoline, and it is important to make sure your vehicle’s injection system has enough capacity for the job. You will find that most of the applications we serve have multi-point fuel injection, which typically has a higher fuel volume capacity than the now popular Direct Injection, or DI, systems on many late-model engines.


A local tuning shop can provide valuable E85 conversion and tuning information about your specific vehicle, ensuring that you get a safe, efficient result with E85 fuel.


E85 conversion and tuning information includes testing for injection capacity, fuel pump capacity, and, in the absence of one of our plug-and-play systems, tuning your ECU to accommodate the extra fuel requirement.


Searching for a local HPTuners shop or a dyno tuning shop in your area can be a great first step in finding good E85 conversion and tuning information. These shops work with tuning every day and know how to make sure you are doing the right thing for your vehicle. 


It is also possible to add an MPI intake to many performance engines to increase the fuel volume capacity without touching the complicated DI system. A qualified tuning shop that is familiar with your ride can give you E85 conversion and tuning information, including upgrades available for your engine.


Before hitting your search engine for E85 conversion and tuning info, check out www.advancedfueldynamics.com to see if we have a simple E85 flex fuel solution for your car, truck or SUV