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About Advanced Fuel Dynamics

Advanced Fuel Dynamics was founded in 2014 by a tuner whose E85 tunes were always off and he set out to find out why. What he discovered is that E85 at the pump is incredibly inconsistent in its actual ethanol content and since tunes take everything into account except how much ethanol is actually in the vehicle, they are consistently wrong. Realizing that the only way to consistently make the most power from ethanol is to build a true performance flex fuel system, he set out to create what would become the ProFlex Commander flex fuel kit. Advanced Fuel Dynamics has also developed the ProFlex Connect App. This free app allows ProFlex Commander customers the ability to view a vehicles ethanol content in real-time.

Advanced Fuel Dynamics has grown from a one-man shop to a company with high-quality full bolt on products and a growing list of vehicle applications. Our products have been rigorously tested on the track, street, and dyno and our employees use our products every day!

We are located just an hour north of Austin, Texas in a small town named Troy.
Our shop can be found at 12843 Vaughn Rd, Troy, TX 76579.

Have questions or need help finding us?
Give us a call at 1(866)-902-3835