Scat Pack

The name for the group of cars is a play on the words 'Rat Pack,' a group of Hollywood entertainers known for partying antics. Replacing 'scat' for 'rat' emphasized the speed at which partying antics unfold. 'Scat' also means free-spirited, improvisational vocalization of singers like Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, and...

Is Investing in an E85 Tune Beneficial?

Opting for an E85 tune can indeed prove to be a beneficial decision. It offers enhanced power and promotes a cleaner combustion process. A flex fuel tune excels at delivering power with improved control and fueling precision, elevating your vehicle's performance. A minor caveat of E85 is that its ethanol...

Is E85 Right for Your Flex Fuel Vehicle?

If you're wondering whether to use E85 in your flex fuel vehicle, let's clear the air. The common misconception that alternative fuels could impair a vehicle's performance does not apply to flex-fuel vehicles using E85. Not only will there be no performance loss, but many vehicles even experience a boost...

Unleash the Beast: Dominating the Streets with Advanced Fuel Dynamics' ProFlex Commander for E85 Flex Fuels in BMW Models

Unleash the raw power of your BMW with Advanced Fuel Dynamics' ProFlex Commander and E85 flex fuels. Discover the exhilarating benefits of E85 in high-performance BMW models like the E39 M5, M3, and Z4. Experience unrivaled horsepower and engine longevity while dominating the streets. Don't miss out on this ultimate tuning solution. Find out more!

The Future of Fuel: How E85 Flex Fuel Transforms GM Vehicles with Advanced Fuel Dynamics

 Discover the future of fuel and how E85 flex fuel transforms GM vehicles with advanced fuel dynamics. Unleash the power, performance, and eco-friendly benefits of running E85 in your C7 Corvette or LS6-powered Camaro. Learn more about the game-changing FlexLink system and take your driving experience to new heights.