Instant Ethanol Performance

Full Bolt On Performance Flex Fuel Systems

We Are the Leaders in Performance Ethanol Systems

The PROFLEX Commander is the first full bolt on performance flex fuel system allowing your vehicle to make big power with ethanol right out of the box — no tuning necessary. Install, fill up, experience the power gains.

Why Should I Run Ethanol?

Ethanol is the highest-performing fuel available, and it’s available at the pump. Ethanol is commonly referred to as E85, which is typically the highest blend at the pump, and not only gives your vehicle more power but burns cleaner and cooler. Increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque with the PROFLEX Commander and ethanol.

Introducing the PROFLEX Connect App

Use our free app to connect to your PROFLEX Commander and view your vehicle’s ethanol content in real-time! Available for iOS and Android.


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