Ethanol Fueling Station Locations

February 19, 2024
Ethanol Fueling Station Locations

Our customers love the extra power, cooler engine operating temps and lower fuel cost of E85, but we are often asked about ethanol fueling station locations.  


It is true that not every gas station carries E85, but more and more are adding this choice to their locations every day.  There are only a few locations left in the United States and Canada where E85 is hard to find. 


If you are looking in your area, watch for the industry standard yellow price signs at most ethanol fueling station locations. All ethanol pumps are also yellow, so if you are driving through a fueling station, you can watch for the telltale color of the pump handles.


But if you don’t want to comb your city or town for ethanol fueling station locations, or if you are on a road trip and need to find E85 along the way, you can always use our free ProFlex Connect app to find ethanol fueling station locations near you, or by city search, and the app will even help you navigate to a station on any Android or Apple device. The app is free, and you do not have to have an Advanced Fuel Dynamics product to use the ethanol fueling station location map and navigation feature.


Of course, if you want to maximize power while protecting your engine, a flex fuel system from Advanced Fuel Dynamics is definitely the way to go. Either way, we are happy to help you find ethanol fuel station locations wherever you are and wherever you go.