Top 5 Reasons to Run E85

August 17, 2017
Often people are skeptical of ethanol, or E85 at the pump, but those who are serious about performance know that E85 is the way to go. Some of the highest horsepower BMW M3s and Mercedes C63s run E85 with our PROFLEX Commander. Here are our top five reasons we love running E85!

#1 - E85 Makes More Power

This is the reason people who care about performance run E85. You will make more power with ethanol and E85 at the pump is 51-83% at the pump.

#2 - E85 Burns Cooler

The chemical properties of ethanol mean that it burns cooler, which in turn means less heat is produced. Less heat means lower engine and fluid temperatures and a happier, longer-lasting engine. It also means you can go harder for longer on those baking hot track days.

#3 - E85 is Less Expensive

Tired of paying $10+ per gallon for race gas? We were too, which is why we switched to E85. At the pump E85 is usually around $1 per gallon cheaper than premium and if you're really serious about getting the best performance you can buy pails or drums of performance ethanol fuel. Source:

#4 - E85 Smells Great!

Seriously, if you're a whiskey fan at all you will love how your exhaust smells running E85. Every time we pull into our garage and get out of our car we love getting a delicious whiff of that sweet-smelling corn juice! And if you're that guy whose wife won't stand behind your car when it's running because her eyes water then E85 is definitely for you.

#5 - E85 is Made In America

If you live in the U.S.A. then you take pride in using things that are "Made in America." E85 is one of those things. If you live in another country, it's possible that the ethanol you run is also locally produced. Brazil is a huge producer of ethanol and EU countries follow close behind.


More power and cooler running temperatures for less money? E85 is a no-brainer. About Advanced Fuel Dynamics Advanced Fuel Dynamics develops and manufactures flex fuel systems including the flagship PROFLEX Commander, a full bolt on flex fuel system for performance vehicles including the E9x M3, C63 AMG, E55 AMG, and more.