Better Fuel, Better Performance

November 17, 2017
Fuel, air, and spark are the three necessities for combustion. For decades, the best practice was simply getting more of each and the only ways to get more power and performance for a car was to increase air flow, burn more fuel, and get a better spark. Getting more air into the combustion chamber is usually the easiest method. Forced induction is a proven power adder while cold air systems and less restrictive intakes help both naturally aspirated engines as well as turbo and supercharged engines breathe easier. When more air is added the engine needs more fuel to maintain proper stoichiometric ratios within the cylinder. But adding more doesn't change the fundamental nature of each. The air around us that your engine breathes doesn't change, electric sparks don't change, and pump gasoline is only available in a few select grades. But E85 and ethanol blend fuels completely change the performance tuning game. For the first time it's possible to use BETTER fuel that produces far more power than 3-4 grades of standard gasoline usually available at the pump with PROFLEX Commander Flex Fuel Systems from Advanced Fuel Dynamics. Use E85 with PROFLEX Commander

The Long History of Ethanol

While ethanol has been used as a vehicle fuel since the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line, for the better part of 70 years it's been mostly relegated to a niche fuel for super high-performance race cars. But since the year 2000, ethanol market share in the United States has increased to more than 10 percent due largely to increased demands for alternative fuel. Now, more and more flexible-fuel vehicles are equipped from the factory to use gasoline/ethanol blends ranging from pure gasoline up to 85 percent ethanol (E85). But it's only recently that E85 has become widely known for its increased performance potential and it has gained a reputation for cheap and easy performance gains.  However, E85 from the pump is pretty inconsistent when it comes to its actual ethanol content. This means that a static tune for E85 is insufficient and cannot account for the variance in ethanol content. This is where Advanced Fuel Dynamics picks up.

PROFLEX Commander from Advanced Fuel Dynamics

The PROFLEX Commander Flex Fuel Systems  are the only true performance E85 solutions and deliver real-world usability in a completely plug-and-play package. Your Mercedes, BMW, or Ford Mustang will instantly gain the ability to run E85, gasoline, or any gasoline/ethanol blend without needing to switch fuel maps after each fuel up. It automatically adjusts to give you the most performance from whatever fuel is in your tank, so unlike a static tune, it will always be 100% accurate. And with the PROFLEX Connect App, you can immediately view the real-time ethanol content on an easy-to-read screen. If you want the performance E85 brings then you need the PROFLEX Commander from Advanced Fuel Dynamics so you avoid the headaches, hassles, and flaws of an E85 tune. There isn't any other system that makes it this easy to get more power from your high-performance engine without major modifications. PROFLEX Commander E9X Flex Fuel System