Tuning a Mustang GT for E85

January 02, 2024
Tuning a Mustang GT for E85

What are the advantages and factors to consider in owning a Mustang GT with an E85 tune or a flex fuel system? Let's talk about it!


Benefit: Engine Runs Better

An e85 tune Mustang GT makes the engine run faster, cooler and cleaner. You can significantly boost horsepower and engine life from E85 tuning. Better performance comes from the e85 fuel’s higher octane number, faster expansion and burn rate, faster flame front and increased fuel charge density.  All of these factors outperform gasoline, providing more horsepower while lower combustion temperatures keep the oil, coolant and engine cooler.


Benefit: Fuel Cost Savings

Another benefit for Mustang GT owners who tune their engines to e85 is that they may experience fuel cost savings. Even though e85 fuel economy may be slightly lower than regular gasoline, the cost per gallon is lower, so overall fuel costs are generally reduced. For cars that originally required high-octane 91/93 octane gasoline, the savings are even higher.  More power and lower fuel costs is a winning combination.


ProFlex Commander E85 tune in a box: Upgrades and Changes

For e85 tuning, you can simply purchase the Proflex Commander on our store, plug it in and go E85.  With the exception of the 4.6 Mod Motor and the Fox 5.0, the Commander eliminates the need to upgrade the fuel system, and there is not tuning required for any Commander systems. When you buy a Mustang GT, the factory tune already has the settings that make it work with e10. That said, E85 flexfuel needs a specific fuel management system, which is where the Proflex Commander comes in. By utilizing the Proflex Commander, an electronic plug and play E85 tune in a box, you can get faster throttle reaction, more horsepower, and the most torque at lower RPMs in about 45 minutes with no tuning, no special tools and no hassles.