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We Are The Leaders in E85 Tech

At Advanced Fuel Dynamics we are the leaders in performance ethanol systems. Our ProFlex Commander performance flex fuel system is a plug-and-play, or full bolt on, performance product that allows your vehicle to run E85, gas, or any blend you want right out of the box, no tuning required.

The ProFlex Commander acts like an automatic, real-time dynamic tune, ensuring your vehicle is making the most power possible no matter how much ethanol is in your tank.

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E85, Gas, Any Blend — Automatically

Forget having to drain your tank and hassle with switching maps whenever you want to change fuels — the ProFlex Commander allows you to run E85, gas, or any blend you want at any time without touching a thing except whatever pump handle you choose.

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Plug-and-Play Installation

The ProFlex Commander system is easy to install and comes with all the components you need for plug-and-play installation. If you’ve ever changed your vehicle’s injectors this will be no problem for you. If you’re uncomfortable doing the installation yourself, we’re happy to talk to your local shop about installing it for you.

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Why Run Ethanol?


The Ultimate Performance Fuel

Ethanol is the highest-performing fuel available, and it’s available at the pump! Ethanol is commonly referred to as E85, which is typically the highest blend at the pump, and not only gives your vehicle more power but burns cleaner and cooler.

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Go Harder, Faster, Longer, Cooler

Running ethanol with the PROFLEX Commander will increase your M3’s horsepower and torque as well as lower your engine temperatures, which is especially useful for track days and races.

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