ProFlex DXI for 2014+ GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L

Introducing the ProFlex DXI Flex Fuel System

Experience the ultimate in flexibility and performance with our plug-and-play flex fuel system, designed specifically for 2014-newer 5.3L Silverado and Sierra models. Our patented system has been rigorously tested on a large fleet of new Silverados, ensuring seamless performance and reliability.

Easy Installation and Use

  1. DIY installation in just 15 minutes

  2. No tuning required - simply install and go

  3. Fill up with gas or e85 at any time

Key Features:

  1. Plug-and-play complete solution - no additional purchases necessary

  2. Maximizes performance while protecting your engine

  3. Significant gains in horsepower and torque when running e85

  4. Cooler engine, oil, and coolant temperatures when running e85

  5. Better fuel efficiency than factory flex fuel systems

  6. Exclusive ColdStart Plus software for easy e85 starting on cold mornings

  7. Quick and easy uninstallation in just 5 minutes

  8. Made in the USA

  9. Does not void factory warranty - invisible to scan tools

Enjoy the freedom to switch between gas and e85 with our ProFlex DXI Flex Fuel System. Order now and experience the power and flexibility you've been missing.

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