ProFlex Commander for Gen1 Cadillac CTS-V w/LS V8

The ProFlex Commander for 2004-07 Cadillac CTS-V is a plug and play adaptive flex fuel system.  Our patented BlendSense™ technology automatically adjusts fuel delivery based on fuel content, so you can switch from gas to E85 anytime.  System installation is simple and takes about 45 minutes with no special tools.

The patented ProFlex™ Commander adaptive flex fuel system for 2004-07 Cadillac CTS-V allows you to start making more power and running cooler with E85. True plug and play flex-fuel for your Cadillac in about an hour with no tuning required.

ProFlex Commander Features:

  • Complete system - everything you need to run E85
  • 100% Dyno tested for safety, durability and power gains
  • Easy DIY installation - Under an hour with common tools 
  • Patented BlendSense™ technology adjusts in real time with 30 millisecond refresh rate
  • True flex fuel - switch from gas to ethanol and back anytime
  • Improved injector management for more power on gas or E85
  • 7-10% More wheel HP and torque on E85 (dyno proven)
  • No tuning required - Compatible with stock or performance gas tunes; instantly adapts to new tunes
  • Cleaner emissions and cooler cylinder, oil and coolant temps
  • Race grade fuel at the pump - high octane, low cost
  • Compatible with power adders and bolt-ons
  • ProFlex Connect app provides accurate, real-time ethanol content on your iPhone or Android device via BT Wireless communication
  • Cold Start Plus™ - improves fuel atomization for easier starting in cold weather

This System Fits: 2004-07 CTS-V

Note: For 2015-18 CTS-V see our FlexLink system
          For 2008-14 CTS-V see Gen2 Commander system


With the new version 2 PROFLEX Connect app you can connect your smartphone to your PROFLEX Commander and run the automatic diagnostic, view your vehicle’s ethanol content in real-time and search for an E85 fuel station near you and navigate to the pump. Free for iOS and Android devices

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