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Gains 30WHP and 31TQ with PROFLEX Commander

The team at Eurocharged ATX had already made a number of modifications to this 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG to increase the performance, but they installed a PROFLEX Commander so they could take the vehicle’s performance to the next level by running E85.

The C63 AMG put out an additional 30 horsepower and 31 foot-pounds of torque running on 70% ethanol. The red line on the dyno graph to the right shows the vehicle’s baseline run with pump gas. The brown line shows the gains the vehicle made running 70% ethanol. Click the dyno chart to view it larger.

The vehicle owner and the team at Eurocharged ATX were all very happy with the results and plan to install headers and re-dyno the car to measure the additional performance gains.

All dyno tests were repeated a minimum of 3 times to ensure accuracy.

Gains 26WHP and 40TQ with PROFLEX Commander

This 2007 E63 AMG put down a baseline of 482whp and 458tq on pump gas before we installed the PROFLEX Commander and filled up the tank with E85. On E85 the car put down 508whp and a whopping 498tq, gains of 26whp and 40tq!