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Picks up another 15HP with Eurocharged Tune

Our friends at Eurocharged ATX took a BMW E92 M3 running the PROFLEX Commander and tuned it using their standard tune. The results were an extra 15HP on top of the gains seen from running E85 with the PROFLEX Commander, picking up 32HP that day.

Picks up 49WHP!

This BMW M3 had a VF Engineering 650 supercharger system and had a baseline of 527HP and 359ft-tq before installing our PROFLEX Commander. After installation, our friends at Eurocharged ATX ran the car on 32%, 48%, and 61% ethanol. At 61% the car made 576HP to the wheels picking up 49HP on the PROFLEX Commander without any tuning. It also picked up an additional 25ft-tq.