ProFlex Commander for Silverado/Sierra

The ProFlex Direct for GM LT vehicles allows your Gen V LT-equipped GM vehicle to start making more power with E85. System installation is simple and with an easy unlock tune pre-loaded onto our optional ProFlex Flash handheld tuner your vehicle can start running E85 or any blend of E85 and gas. Full, true flex-fuel for your GM vehicle!

2009-2013 Silverado/Sierra

2014-Present Silverado Sierra

Choose Commander Pro

Choose ProFlex Commander Pro for your vehicle if you have aftermarket forced induction or aftermarket 600cc/60lb/hr or larger injectors

ProFlex Commander PRO was specifically designed for improved injector function in forced induction and large injector environments.

Please note: this system requires tuning after installation to turn on factory ECU flex fuel capability. Your vehicle will require a professional tune as we have discontinued the Flash handheld tuner.


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