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Looking for more power? Dyno-proven gains of 20+ WHP for the E46 M3.

If you’re still running on gas you’re leaving power on the table. Experience the full potential of the S54 engine with added HP and TQ across the entire rev range with the most advanced E85 system ever. See the dyno data for yourself below.

93 octane vs E85 on a BMW E46 M3

“I used to tune cars for E85 for a living, but my tunes were always off in the real world because E85 at the pump is never a consistent percentage of ethanol. That’s when I invented the PROFLEX Commander. E85 tunes are insufficient and now obsolete. This is the best way you can run E85 and always make maximum power safely.”

-Ryan, Founder


Dyno-proven performance gains across the entire rev range


Makes adjustments with nano-second fidelity. Shows your ethanol content in real-time


Full flex fuel capability so you can run E85, gas, or any blend you want, anytime


Plug-and-play engine installation done yourself in under 2 hours with tools you already have. Zero tuning required

Like a Standalone But For Flex Fuel

All you need to do is install the PROFLEX Commander system to start running E85. No other components, or tuning, are required. Every component of the PROFLEX Commander is engineered to our high quality standards and each system is tested before it is shipped to its new owner.

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Safety Guaranteed

The PROFLEX Commander has been thoroughly tested on the road, dyno, and track. We know your car is your baby and you only give it the best, so you can be confidant that our system will perform flawlessly. Questions? Want to talk to a real person? Call us at 866-902-3835.

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Why Run Ethanol?

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The Ultimate Performance Fuel

Ethanol is the highest-performing fuel available, and it’s available at the pump! Ethanol is commonly referred to as E85, which is typically the highest blend at the pump, and not only gives your vehicle more power but burns cleaner and cooler.

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Go Harder, Faster, Longer, Cooler

Running ethanol with the PROFLEX Commander will increase your M3’s horsepower and torque as well as lower your engine temperatures, which is especially useful for track days and races.

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