Supercharged BMW E92 M3


“The PROFLEX Commander has unleashed hidden power my Supercharged E92 M3 was keeping dormant! I would highly recommend the PROFLEX Commander to any N/A or Boosted engine. I am extremely happy that my car has the PROFLEX Commander from Advanced Fuel Dynamics for my E85 setup!”




“I’ve had your kit installed for over a month now. Couldn’t be happier with the performance. Here’s a photo of my car! Thanks for a great product!”


E92 M3 and C63 AMG


“Big thanks to these guys for their S65 flex fuel kit. Highly recommend!”


BMW E92 M3


“Thanks guys for the amazing product. Car pulls harder and smells better than ever with that corn!”


Camaro 1LE


“My name is Kirk, I am a BMW master tech. I road race my Camaro 1LE, and I absolutely love the PROFLEX Commander!!! At first I was skeptical as my car is tuned and runs a bigger cam and was worried about running out of injector/fuel pump. But after installation we data logged running on pump gas and then up to 73% ethanol with no issues. It was at this point I was convinced that this unit was the real deal. After running on E85 for a week or two we did some dyno testing and found that although top end gains were slight, average power and torque is up over 30hp/tq!!! I cannot say enough about how great this unit is, after running it now for over a month my operating temps are cooler and the extra power under the curve is amazing. It doesn’t matter what you are running modded or not the PROFLEX commander is the simple solution to flex fuel!!!”

Black Supercharged E46 M3 Testimonial

Supercharged E46 M3


“Your systems are awesome! Crazy gains of power — I’m hooked!”


Buell XB12R


“My name is Lee. I’ve been a Mazda master tech for 5 years and have been working on cars for 10+ years. I have had the PROFLEX Commander on my 2009 Buell XB12R for over a year and it works great. Being able to use either E85 or gasoline without thinking about it is awesome. Having cooler engine temps and more power makes riding even more fun. I will definitely be adding this product to my ’91 Mustang turbo street car as soon as I finish building the motor. Thanks for a great product.”

Dan Schwartzkpof

Ethanol expert with over 25 years of experience. Introduced ethanol into the world of racing (NHRA Sport Compact, IndyCar). Serves as a Performance Ethanol Consultant for all racing venues in the U.S. and around the world.

“The PROFLEX Commander is hands down the best product on the market for those looking to run ethanol. No other bolt-on solution is as safe, reliable, and easy to install. Ethanol is the performance fuel of choice in racing and if you aren’t running ethanol you’re leaving power on the table. The PROFLEX Commander allows you to unlock your vehicle’s true power by running ethanol.”


Owner/Tuner at The Car Shop of Temple Texas

Neil Elliott

“I am a skeptical person. Out of all the new automotive and performance high tech stuff that comes out every year, only a small percentage of it actually does what it claims to do. This however, is not the case with Advanced Fuel Dynamics’ PROFLEX Commander E85 conversion system. I personally witnessed this system in operation on three very different non flex-fuel vehicles. Each performed flawlessly on our chassis dyno with varying amounts of E85 in the fuel tank. We data logged the air to fuel ratio on every test, and each one came back within 3%, no matter what the actual percentage of ethanol was in the tank! As an added bonus all three test vehicles picked up torque and horsepower, and engine temperatures dropped every time E85 was added!

“Also, I might add, this system requires absolutely no custom tuning and works on just about any gasoline burning, port fuel injected vehicle. Sign me up, because a cooler running, cleaner burning engine, is a longer lasting engine.

“Thank you, Advanced Fuel Dynamics, for a new awesome product that works like a champ!”