• PROFLEX Commander for E60 M5, E63/E64 M6

    Full Bolt On Flex Fuel System for BMW M5 and M6 (S85) with Smartphone Connectivity

    20+ WHP Gains

    PROFLEX Commander for E60 M5 and E63/64 M6

    The PROFLEX Commander for M5/M6 is full bolt on and gives your vehicle full flex fuel capability, meaning that right out of the box you can run gas, E85, or any blend seamlessly without the need to tune or switch maps. Unlock your M5 or M6's hidden power by running E85!

    20+ WHP Gains

    After the BMW E60 M5 baseline dyno showed 432HP we plugged in our PROFLEX Commander and added E85! With the car registering 78% ethanol the M5 picked up 21HP and 14ft-lb of torque to the wheels. Customers will feel the extra power and torque across the rev range. Please see our dyno page to view a larger dyno graph.

    Watch the M5 on the Dyno

    What comes in the box

    • PROFLEX Commander Unit for S85 engine with smartphone connectivity
    • Flex Fuel Sensor with fuel line and fittings for S85 engine
    • Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness for S85 engine
    Download the installation guide here.
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