PROFLEX Commander Dyno Data

Ford Mustang Boss 302

Gains 19WHP!

We added our PROFLEX Commander to this 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 and put it on the dyno to see what would happen. On 93 gas versus 65% ethanol in head-to-head comparison dyno runs the car picked up 19WHP and 8 ft lb of torque on the 65% ethanol blend, outputting 409WHP. These are gains you will actually feel even in lower rpms as the gains start immediately and continue throughout the rev range!

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Gains 33WHP!

This 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was completely stock until we added our PROFLEX Commander. On 93 gas versus 65% ethanol in head-to-head comparison dyno runs the car picked up 33WHP and 19 ft lb of torque on the 65% ethanol blend, outputting 465WHP. The best part is these are gains you’ll actually benefit from — and feel — every time you drive since they start immediately.

Ford Mustang 5.0

Shows Big Gains at All RPMs!

This 2017 Ford Mustang 5.0 was completely stock until we added our plug-and-play PROFLEX Commander. After plugging it in — no tuning required — we saw big gains across the whole rev range, as much as 20 extra WHP on E85 between 4500rpm and 6500rpm. Peak power baseline at 6700rpm on pump 93 was 380 and the peak power was 393 running E85 at the same rpm. These are gains you’ll actually benefit from — and feel — every time you drive!

BMW E46 M3

Picks up 21WHP!

Our stock BMW E46 M3 test car put out a baseline 270HP on pump gas. After plugging in our PROFLEX Commander and adding E85 the car made 291HP on 75% ethanol. The 21WHP gain is felt across the entire the entire rev range, making the car faster both low and high in the RPMs. The customer feels a notable difference when running E85 over gas with the PROFLEX Commander.

BMW E60 M5

Gains 21WHP!

After the BMW E60 M5 baseline dyno showed 432HP we plugged in our PROFLEX Commander and added E85. With the car registering 78% ethanol the M5 picked up 21HP and 14ft-tq to the wheel. Customers will love the extra power and torque across the rev range!

Supercharged BMW E92 M3

Picks up 49WHP!

This BMW M3 had a VF Engineering 650 supercharger system and had a baseline of 527HP and 359ft-tq before installing our PROFLEX Commander. After installation, our friends at Eurocharged ATX ran the car on 32%, 48%, and 61% ethanol. At 61% the car made 576HP to the wheels picking up 49HP on the PROFLEX Commander without any tuning. It also picked up an additional 25ft-tq.

BMW E92 M3 — Tuning with PROFLEX Commander

Picks up another 17HP with Eurocharged Tune 

Our friends at Eurocharged ATX took a BMW E92 M3 running the PROFLEX Commander and tuned it using their standard tune. The results were an extra 17HP on top of the gains seen from running E85 with the PROFLEX Commander, picking up 32HP that day.

Mercedes C63 AMG

Gains 30WHP and 31TQ!

The team at Eurocharged ATX had already made a number of modifications to this 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG to increase the performance, but they installed a PROFLEX Commander so they could take the vehicle’s performance to the next level by running E85.

The C63 AMG put out an additional 30 horsepower and 31 foot-pounds of torque running on 70% ethanol. The red line on the dyno graph to the right shows the vehicle’s baseline run with pump gas. The blue line shows the gains made by adding pump E85 fuel to get to a 70% ethanol mixture. The brown line shows the additional gains the team at Eurocharged ATX were able to get by simply changing the tune with the vehicle still running 70% ethanol. Click the dyno chart to view it larger.

The vehicle owner and the team at Eurocharged ATX were all very happy with the results and plan to install headers and re-dyno the car to measure the additional performance gains.

All dyno tests were repeated a minimum of 3 times to ensure accuracy.

Mercedes E55 AMG

Gains 35WHP and 24TQ!

Determined to make even more power, this customer installed the PROFLEX Commander on his Mercedes E55 AMG so he could run ethanol. Baseline dyno showed 543HP and 578 foot-pounds of torque. After adding E85 to get to 70% ethanol, the E55 put out 578HP and 602 foot-pounds of torque, an increase of 35HP and 24 foot-pounds of torque.

With the PROFLEX Commander, this customer now has a fully flex fuel E55 AMG.